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The Jubilee Pavilion

Saturday, October 30, 2010

October in the Park

The main work you can see has been the cafe getting the wooden post put in place with a crane being on site most of the week. You can now begin to see the structure of the wood at last

queenspark 012




Friday, September 10, 2010

Park Meeting


This week we had the Friends meeting which was postponed from July and details can be found on the Friends of Queens park page


A lot of work has happened around the Cafe this week. The new steel work arrived and was put in place with a crane

DSCF0234 DSCF0242 DSCF0244

As you can see the cafe is now taking shape  with the basic walls and steel work in place you can appreciate the size of it now 



4th Spetember 2010

The cafe is beginning to take shape  as the wall near the lake is being built up



28th August 2010

qp 023

The Cafe now has the floor in and a few bricks

August 20th 2010


All go this week as a crane was on site putting up steel work for the Cafe


You can now start to see something happening with the cafe as it slowly starts to take shape

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



The main work on the cafe is the old flower beds at the back has been removed and new foundation are being installed. It has involved moving a lot of soil from the raised flower beds so the foundation could be laid

6th August

The Cafe the first layer of bricks is going down at a rate of knots so we can see things moving once more


Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Cafes last Days




The Cafe saw its last this week The roof tiles were removed in the week and by Thursday (above) they were removing the roof



Today all that is left is a pile of bricks but the dozer made a perfect  frame for the war memorial. Its hoped work can start next week building the new one but it may take some time to clear the rubbishDSCF1452

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Pavilion Design


The new pavilion design is finalized and presented here. Work will start around Easter

 time on the new pavilion which is highly energy efficient and can be divided into areas

so it can be used for small groups

It is designed to mimic the main entrance which has a lodge each side and the tower in the middle.

 The pavilion has the same two structures and the war memorial in the middle. Being mostly glass

 it will give a great view through it onto the lake

The Boer war statue will be restored and the base will be dug out as the original footing are still there.

 This will mean people can then read the names of the fallen.

What is interesting is there will be guns brought back like the original inn the picture above.

 But it will be interesting to see what we get the was a lot of controversial talk about the guns

as at the time the guns used were not the type used in the Boer war and a lot of complaints

 were voiced at the time. So will we get Boer war guns or just old ones we will ask at the next meeting



The Cafeteria standing behind the Memorial is aptly named the Jubilee Cafeteria to commemorate the Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, being officially opened on 12th June 1977.

This modem structure along with the bandstand was built to replace the Victorian Pavilion which unfortunately had burnt down. The front page of Crewe Chronicle told the sorry tale about the original Pavilion on Thursday 4th January 1973 with the following report. A Senior Fire Officer told the Chronicle that possibly an electrical fault was the cause of the fire, early on Friday morning, 29th December 1972, that had destroyed the Park Pavilion.
To make matters worse, it seems that water mains had been fractured by frost and, although firemen pumped water from the lake, it was to no avail and by the grey light of dawn very little was left of the 1887 Pavilion.


Pavilion and statue 1963 Continuing along Central Drive, built for horse drawn carriages, the South African Memorial stands impressively in front of the Pavilion. Flanked by a sloping bedding display the statue is 31ft high and made of Labrador and Aberdeen Grey granite. Topped by the life-like figure of Tommy Atkins. The north facing side is the only place where the former Arms of the Borough with the moto "Never Behind" can still be seen.
The Copper bronze plaques on the four sides of the monument give the names of the railway volunteers who served in the Boer War (1899 - 1902). Crewe can quite rightly feel proud that through the railway volunteers they were able to send more men to the Boer War than any other town in England or Wales of comparable size.


The pavilion 1904 from across the lake

1910 the pavilion and the war memorial which was unveiled in 1903 the pavilion was burnt down by arsonist in 1970

The result of the fire December 29th 1972 and the pavilion burnt down

Children playing out side the original pavilion

Queens park Cafe Queens Park Cafe taken 7/10/2008 taken from the lake