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August 15th up date


Its all go in the park this week as you can see above the bandstand work is under way new steel work is already in

and there are 4 men working on the project

Work is still on going with the band stand but there isn't much progress to see. It was explained at the stake holder meeting September 15th that they have put in place the steel work (in red) and with this racked up the roof a little to then remove the iron work so it can be taken away for repair and once this is done the roof can be lowered back down and the temporary  steal work removed.


The actual dome as you can see has been removed by a crane and taken off site to be restored. Many of the wooden beams in the roof will need to be replaced and it will be a long job but is still on target to be finished in December



You can see in the picture taken September 16th 2009 all the scaffolding and steel work on the bandstand


There has been no work visible on site for the bandstand but much of this work is being done

 off site and its still on track to finish in December 2009


A wonderful site of the band stand in Autumn with some of the new roof on and wonderful colour its a pity people can see the full effect behind the barriers  but with a Fugi s1500 with 12X optical zoom we can get a good view of it


Below the bandstand 2003

party on 087 party on 088


Queens Park Bandstand


The work on the bandstand is progressing with the roof repairs well under way take November 2009

Some pictures of the bandstand as the crane lifts the dome off the bandstand

It is then lowered onto a trailer to be repaired off site

The crane moving in ready for the lift

A close up of the bandstand at the start of restoration


The old Band Stand were there used to be bands playing on a Sunday in the summer


Above the Band stand flanked by the 2 trees some work has been done to the bandstand this week


Lost Arts appointed to refurbish the band stand there website is here and they will bring new skills to the project

The work starts on the Queens Park bandstand




The newly painted rose ready to go back


Old Pictures of the Bandstand

fx3   230

Brian Stubbs has found all these old pictures of the bandstand from about 2006. Thanks go to him for sharing these with us

fx3   231

Winter scenes of the bandstand as it was

party on 089 party on 093 party on 094

Here we can see the state of the roof as it was before it was restored

 party on 096



This site has put together the most complete record and pictures every gathered in one spot of the Queens Park Crewe with old pictures to the modern day Click on any picture on the site for a full screen picture



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The old bandstand

3/06/2010 The Bandstand final pictures

A few pictures of the Bandstand now its all done. It is looking very good and its the first part of the park to be finished

In the same are people have asked if the floor in the Bandstand is finished the answer is as you can see is yes and it looks like new

queenspark 065




Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bandstand Dome Returns


The dome of the bandstand returned today and was lifted in place with a crane. Above

 ready to lift the dome in its glory with a gold leaf top and a repaired copper top ready

weathered. If it wasn't weathered it would drip down and spoil the rest of the bandstand

The crane lifting the dome on a cold wet miserable day

The men inside the roof guide the dome into place ready to bolt it in place inside the roof

The dome on the final few feet being lowered

Inside the bandstand note the restored posts and railings and showing the roof and

 beams in the roof

A long shot from by the Boer War memorial showing the dome in place with the new

roof some of which is still covered in plastic coating protecting it


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Band Stand


Lost Arts the people who are rebuilding the band stand have provided us with some pictures of the work and band stand. Above you can see the state of the roof and dome before they started

The dome has now been restored at their factory with all new copper

The picture above shows the wood that holds the roof and this has given them a lot of problems as our bandstand was built by Baker which is rare normally they can remove the roof to rebuild it but our design makes this impossible

The main cast post that hold up the bandstand have been removed and some were rotten as water runs down the middle of them and this had blocked so they filled with water. A mould has been made so new one can be cast

Here is the final product the new cast post good as new

The vents from the top of the band stand have all been renewed and spaces have been left for the Bats to come back in as bats were living in the top in the past. All approved by the Bat conservation society

The ceiling rose which has been repaired

Finally the top of the bandstand being removed by a crane to be repaired