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Again the memorial but note the train at the base of it this has now gone and after a phone call today I think I have tracked it down to the council office I will see if I can confirm its still around

The memorial and the broad walk down the hill

The old style cafe


Boer war statue



1910 the pavilion and the war memorial which was burnt down

This site has put together the most complete record and pictures every gathered in one spot of the Queens Park Crewe with old pictures to the modern day Click on any picture on the site for a full screen picture



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July 11 2001

The Boer War Lions have been cleaned and put back in their original position which is lower than they have been for 50 years.


The area around the statue is getting a face lift with new surfaces.


Tommy is also looking refreshed after being restored




Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boer War Memorial uncovered


The Boer War Memorial has had the base uncovered as part of the restoration. It has been covered for at least 35 years as we have photos showing it covered at that time how long before that it was covered we are not sure. What was amazing was that someone had covered the old bolts in grease and cloth all those years ago and now they are as new.


Below the statue as it used to be


The South African Memorial

Continuing along Central Drive, built for horse drawn carriages, the South African Memorial stands impressively in front of the Pavilion. Flanked by a sloping bedding display the statue is 31ft high and made of Labrador and Aberdeen Grey granite. Topped by the life-like figure of Tommy Atkins. The north facing side is the only place where the former Arms of the Borough with the moto "Never Behind" can still be seen.

The Copper bronze plaques on the four sides of the monument give the names of the railway volunteers who served in the Boer War (1899 - 1902). Crewe can quite rightly feel proud that through the railway volunteers they were able to send more men to the Boer War than any other town in England or Wales of comparable size.

1910 the pavilion and the war memorial which was unveiled in 1903 the pavilion was burnt down by arsonist in 1970

Boer war statue

The Boer War memorial Today




Crewe Volunteers' and Reservists' monument
Crewe had the unique distinction of supplying more Volunteers for active service in the South African war, in proportion to its population, than any other town in the country, and the handsome monument which now adorns the Queen's Park will serve as a permanent and lasting record of the noble part played in that campaign by such a large section of our citizen soldiers.

The unveiling of the monument took place on Saturday, the 8th of August, and the day will be ever memorable as one of the most eventful occasions in the history of the great locomotive centre of the L. <& N. W. Railway Co. The most noteworthy fact in connection with the memorial scheme is that to the employees in Crewe Works, and they alone, must be attributed all the honour and credit of having inaugurated such a worthy movement. Ably led by that honoured townsman, Dr, Atkinson, as President of the fund, they began with a thorough determination to achieve their excellent object, and the success of the varied efforts which they put forth bore out the truth of the old adage that if a thing is worth doing at all, it should be done well. This was their motto all through, and they may well feel proud, at what, by. their own exertions, they were able to accomplish.

The unveiling ceremony was performed by Lord Stalbridge, Chairman of the L. & N. W. Railway Co., and the proceedings were under the presidency of Dr. Atkinson. There was quite a distinguished company present, including Major-General Sir Thomas Fr&'ser, Hon. Colonel of the Crewe Engineers; Colonel Cotton-Jodrell, C.B., Mrs. and Miss Cotton-Jodrell, the Bishop of Chester, Sir Fredk. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. G. Whale, Colonel Hawkins, commanding Royal Engineer of the Liverpool district, Captain and the Hon. Mrs. Holford, Mrs. and the Misses Atkinson, Mr. James Tomkinson, M.P., Mr. Henry Tollemache, M.P., and many others.The contract for the monument was entrusted to Messrs. J. Whitehead and Sons, of London. The monument occupies an area of 15 feet square, from which, on a slight grass mound, it rises to the height of 31 feet. With the exception of the portions executed in bronze, it is constructed of Labrador granite, and
grey Aberdeen granite. On the front side of the lower base there is a beautiful model locomotive engine and tender in bronze, which serves to indicate the association with the different branches of railway work of the patriotic men of Crewe, who volunteered for service in the war, and whose rank as soldiers—survivors and dead alike—are recorded on plain bronze panels fixed to each of the four sides of the body of the monument.


A marked feature of the monument is a bronze life-size figure of a soldier standing at " attention." The figure is very carefully portrayed, showing rifle, bandolier, belt, pouch, and water bottle.


Unveiled by Rt.Hon. Lord Stalbridge - August 8, 1903 Dedication by Lord Bishop of Chester and Major Whale, Railway official handed over the Memorial to the Mayor of Crewe Borough Councillor J. H. Moore
Bands present: 2nd. Cheshire R.E. (R.V.); Crewe Carriage Works Silver Band;
Crewe Temperance Silver Band; Crewe Steam Gheds Brass 3and; Crewe St .Barnabas Brass Band; Crewe Borough Brass Band; Over Silver Band; Winsford Volunteer Band; Weston Brass Band; Moulton Verdin Institute Brass Band; Middlewich Centenary Silver Band;
Officers and other ranks.-2nd.Cheshire Royal Engineers (Railwav Volunteers) 1899 - 1902 Lieut.C.K.D. Sidgwick,DSO
" A.C. Tweedy
" N.H. Brierley Sapper W. Allen Sapper A.J. Coleman
". E. Davenport " A.E. Ankers " ' w. Cornes
" F.R. Collins " E. Atherton " E. Collier
Surg.Capt.J.R. Atkinson " I. Attwood " A.E. Cross
Sergt . G. Beckett " E.M. Barker " W.Cunningham
" T.W. Brett " W. Barnes " T. Curbishley
" J. Emery " J.T. Barnes " E. Crank
" C. Elson " F.G. Batt " A. Dale
" D. Heap " H. Beckett " T. Davies
" T.W. Riley " F.W. Bceston " J.H. Dodd
" A. Scragg " E. Barry " T. Dunn
" H. ^adltins " E. Bebbington " J.K. Dunn
Corpl . A.J.N.Boughey " V/.G. 3iggs " W.H. Eakins
" J. Brookes " G. Bird " J. Edwards
" T. Crimes " J.H. Boulton " G.H. Edwards
" R. Dean " G. Boote " A. Egerton
" C Eyers " W.3. Brereton n A. Ellis
" R.3. Sudlow " E. Broach " F. Ellis
" J. Swinney " T. Broady " P. Elson
" S. Wolfe " C.H.Brocklehur " W.H.Ether
2nd.CPi W.Bickerton " A.E. 3uckley " Evans
" R. Dixon " H.W. Butt " W.H. Evans
" J. Groom " A.W. Butt " J.L. Evans
" W.Johnson " R.P.Calderbank " J.T. Evanson
" P. Mottram " G. Ca per " R. Fairbrother
" T. Owe n " V/. Capper " A. Forre st
" J. Prince " W.A. Carron " F. Francis
Lance-cpl. H. Barlow " T. Champion " W.D. Froome
" J.J. Bimson " W. Champion " R.H. Galliard
" J.H.Butterworth " F.C. Cliffe " S. Ganner
" G. Crimes " T. Conquest " J.H. Garbett
" E.J. Davies " A. Cookson " F.M. Gibbons
" G.F. Murphy " M. Coupe " V/. God kin
" W.W. Morgan " F. Coxsey " W. Goodwin
" J. St an way W. Cox " 3. Green

" T. Gr-enwood " J.H. Greenhalgh
Sapper J.T. Orime " J.T. Guest " G. Harris
" C. Grime " A.A. Harrison " G.A. Harvey
" S. Harvey " E. Kallcvs " C. Hassail
" C.H. Healey " I. Heap " J. Heap
" J. Higgins " P. Koban " J.H. Fodson
" A. Hough " A. Hollinshead " H. Hubbard
" W.H. Jackson " F. Jones " A.J. Jones
" Jos. Jones " Jno. Jones " M. Jones
" S. Joyce " w. Kent " L. Kirkham
" W.W. Lakin " W. Latham " W.T. Lav/son
" F.A. Lewis " J.H. Lloyd " C. Lloyd
" T. Lloyd " A.R. Long " T. Lydiart
" H. Mar.ning " W.K. Mcll.-raith it Jos. Morris
" Jas. Morris " C.E. Mason " A. Mason
" A.W. Maybury " J.T. Moss " J.H. Mottram
" J.D. Morbey " G.W. Newton " J.M. Nield
" J.W. Nicholson " G.W. Noden " J. O'Neil
( 2 )
Crewe - Queens Park - South African Volunteers  Reservists' Memorial-1903
Officers A other ranks of the 2nd. Cheshire Royal Engineers (Railway Volunteer who served 1899-1902... continued.-
Sapper F.G. Cgbourn Sapper H.J. Parr Sapper G. Penlington
" R.D. Pettinger " J.G. Pearson " 3.F. Porter
" W. Potts " v/.H. Phillips " J. Phillips
" B. Pointon " A. Pratt " W. Pugh
" C. Ralphs " J.E. Reeves " W. Reeves
" S.A. Reed " G.T. Roberts " R. Roberts
" J.F. Rowley " "f.P. Roscoe " R. Ro..-bottom
" J. Rowbottom " F. Howe " W. Russell
" A.J. Sanders "' W.K. Saunders " D. Scoffin
" F. Saith " W. Spilsbury C. StocktonT. Steele
" E. Stevenson " "W. Sumner
" C.W. Surridge " J. Swinwood " A. Taylor
" K. Thompson " H. Theirs " F.E. Thorndyke
" I.E. Tirrell " A. Towers " 3. Trow
" A .P.. Upton " Jno. "'alley " J.H. Walley
" 3. talker " G.F. "'earne " E. Weston
" G.3. Weston " F. "feston " K.R. Wheatman
" E.?'. Titter " A. Wilkinson " H. Williams
" K.J. Williams " 6. Wood " J.V. Wrench
" C.W. Wright " A. Young

Volunteer Service Section V/.H. 3attison
Sappr H.J. Bailey Sergt. v/J. Kaughton Sapper

" C.H. Sennett " K.W. Hitchcock " H. Boden
" E.J. Brett Corp'1 A. Ross " J. Brookshaw
" Ft. Chesters " V/. Worrell " W. Cooke
" A. Crawley 2nd.Cpl. R.T. Upton " G.H. Crawley
" A.M. Dodd " " A.C. Parsonage "V.'.P. Edge
" A. Fox Lance-i spl. F.V/. Hart " C. Fox
" E.3. FOX " " T. Tale " R. Friend
" V.J. Hewitt " T.K. Hewlett
" G.J. Kill Sappet H. Hinett " J. Jones
" J. Key " J.J. Lewis " R. J.'addocks
" W. Kottram M P. Powell " CD. Preston
" K. Price " J. Prince " T.2. Purcell
" J. Reade " R. Rhead " E. Robinson
" T. Shaw " A. Stockton " C.W. Tandy
" W.D. Thomas " o'/.A. Tomkins " J.W. Thompson
" A.T. Thurstan " J. Warhara " T. Winder
Surg-Capt.E.C. Bailey: Civil-Surg.T.A. Bailey: Civil-Surg.B. Felton
(Rhodesian Field Force)
Other Services:
Baden-Powell Police: Troopers C. House and D. Jones
Cameronian Scottish Rifles: Privates C. Randle & Sergt. L. Hughes
Cape Mounted Police: Troopers J."'. Dunning & W. Pattison
Durham Light Infantry: Cpl. J.W. Dodd, Privates G. Hampton,S.Hampton,A.Kostyr East Lancashire Regt: Privates G. Edwards, W. Far re ", A.T. Kesketh Grenadier Guards: Trooper F.C. 3rown; Privtes G.W. Brayford, J. Latham, !-'..0k" & J.H. Walley
Kings Liverpool Regt: Privates C. Gilmore & T. Skerratt
Kings Own (Royal Lancashire) Regt: Sgt. R. Thompson; Privates H.J. Ferringtor
C. Faulkner, H. Lowndes, W. Preston, G. Stanier Kings Royal Rifle Corps: Privates A. Jones, R. Swindles, T. Mahoney 9th. Lancers: Privates G. Charlton and C. Jones
Lancashire Fusiliers: Cpl. F. Porter, Lance-cpl. G.E. Guest, Privates J.Baten
E. Burgoyne, K. Milley Manchester Regt: Lance-cpl J.F. Compton, Privates T. Mountford Pooley,J.Walton North Staffordshire Regt: Privates W.F Adams, G.W. Bentley, A. Blakemore,
S.Felton,''/.Follows,J.Heath,T.Heath"J.T. Hodson, G. Tdnnicliffe South Staffordshire Regt: Privates 5. Hammond, W.Merricks, W. Prince Royal Army .'-edical Corps: Privates J.Burgess, H.Ford, T.Gibsony V/.A. Kill Royal Sngin ers: Sappers J. Simon, J. Turner, J.G. '/.'ickham
Royal Field Artillery: 3ombardier J.A. Fitzgerald, Gunners J.R. Brown, R. Jor
T. Hodgkinson, E.B. Palmer, J. Swindley, J. Wainwright. Royal Garrison Artillery: Gunner W. Hankey Royal Horse Artillery: Gunners J.Dalton, C.Jones, T. Towers

Crewe queens Park -South African Volunteers & Reservists' Memorial - 1903
County Regiment - 22nd. Cheshires:
Col.Sgt. F. Thorley Sergt. P. Kuson '" T. Lewis
Corpl. "V. Dunn " A.J. Topham Le.nce/cpl. J. Sanders Private J. Dudley " C.H. Grocott " J. Moores
P. Nagle " E. Plant " T. Stones
" H. Galley
Private* J. Alccck " J. Allman
J.T. Badrock " G.'V. Billington " ^V. Broster " J.E. Cooke A.v. Gibbon G.E. Leigh 5. Morbey J. Nixon J.E. Sha'-v J. dwindells P. white
" ti " " n " "
Private G.H. Alcroft
" J. Astles
" 3. Banks
" J. Blaze
" "I. Cl0ugh
" S. Davies
" H. Goodwin
" J. McEvoy
" M. Morris
" E. Pace
" 'R.J. Steele
" J. Timperley
Royal ,,Welsh Fusiliers: Cpl. 5.. Morris, Lance/cpls. T. 3aystone & G. Newnes;
Privates A.Daniels, T.G.Foulkes, R.Jones, 'If. Parry, G.T. Tonks Shropshire Light Infantry: Sergts. G.E. Allman, G. Jones, Taylor Privates H. Arrov/smith, A.T. Astley, H. Barker, A. Beavan, J. Dunn,
A.F. Dyer, H. rindley, Gunning, G. Hall, J. Hanmer, A. Lloyd, G.Tagg, A. Marsh, 'V.H. Morris, H. Oliver, A. 'Juiggan, J. Richards, C. Roles, J. Scragg, T.H. Smith, J. Taylor, S. Tudor. Shropshire Mounted Infantry: Cpl. S. Giles, Saddler A. Groom, Privates T.Colle: & J. Cooper
South African Constabulary: Troopers A.'Y. Atkinson, C.J. Lawrence, R.S.Timmis :5r B.J. Young.
Sofcth Lancashire Regiment: Cpl. F.S. Moss & Private o''. Howard South ".'ales Borderers: Privates C. Davies, H. Evans, G.T. Rush Worcestershire Regiment: Privates V. Hampton £ E. Page
Other Services:
Sgt. J. Holland (Lord Loch's Scouts); Lance/cpl. W. Goode (Middlesex Regt.): Trooper J.S. Stanley (south Nottingham Hussars); Privtes v.'. Cade(North-umberland Fusiliers); J.'V. Castr e (cordon ''highlanders); R.'.'. Cooper (Army Post Cffice Corps); J. Dawson (".'est Yorkshire Regt.); 2. Dickenson (.Army Service Corps); 'V. Edgington (Leicester Regt.); I'.R. Hill (Coldstream Guards) H. Jones (Kings <-wn Yorkshire Regt.); ". Manse " (Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry); T. Nicholson ('.'.'Wiltshire Hegt.); H. Potts (7t. Dragoon Guards); y. Proctor (Royal marines); J. Ryan (Royal Dublin Fusiliers); T.J. Simpson (Cheshire Volunteers); E. Stubbs (3rd. Scots Guards); F. Walker (Royal Warwickshire Regt.)
Killed at Chatham: Lieut. C.M.F. Trotter (Volunteer 2nd. Cheshire Regt. R.E. w (accident) : Sappers T. Coops & J.J. Darlington (Royal Engineers) " Sapper T.H. Roberts, ?.'. Talbot "
" Private 3. Davies (King's Royal Rifles)
" M L. Bamford (2nd.Bn. King's Own Royal Lancasters) ^
Deceased: L/cpl. J. Brennan (R.A.M.C.), 1st. Orderly C.H. Fowell &
"V. Thornton (St. John Ambulance Brigade) Sappers A.H. Foy, F.J. Evans, 3. Robinson, Madeley, (Royal Engineers) Privates C. Moses (Wiltshire Regt.), T. V/areham (1st. King's Dragoon Guards) J. Adnitt (2nd. Cheshire Hegt.), C. Hodson (North Stafford Hegt.), J. Thomason (King(s Shropshire Light Infantry), 'V. Maude (Grenadier Guards) A. Burgess (King's Royal Rifles), C.G. Cole (King's Shropshire Light Inf) J. Hayes (3rd. Rn. Royal Lancaster "cgt.), Samper F. Ankers (R.E.), Trooper A.C. Morris (Imperial ieomanry), Driver J. Rs'ibington (Royal Horse Artillery)
Officials present: Lt.Col. Sir F. Harrison, Major-Gen. Sir Thomas Fraser, KCB CMG. RE. presented medals for 'Distinguished Conduct in the Field' to Sappers Jones & Pugh; Capt. Holford,CVO. ,CIE., Col. Cotton-Jodrell,C3., Rev. Canon v/ebb, M.A., Messrs. Ralph Brocklebank, F. Ree, R. Turnbull, the Ceremony President, Dr. Janes Atkinson, J.P., C.C., Wilmot Earley, J.P.J
hon. treas., J.A. Dutton, chairman s mar shall, FT. Lynes, financial sec,
'".E. Dutton, hon. sec, S.Simpson, hon. sec