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The destruction continued this week as the Bowls hut was attacked and all the facia was removed from the windows along with grids and drains. The playing of football on the green is still going on and the gardeners are spending lots of time repairing the green. from next week we are down to only two gardeners in the park.




The vandals continue their reign of destruction here again the bowls hut has been set on fire with only minor damage this time. We have had the illegal fishermen this week with one fetching the family down and fishing near the Tipkinder end right next to the path nearly catching a baby when he cast his line out. He also left his line in when the swans swam past some thing a decant fisher man wouldnt do. The Police have been called but are reluctant to do anything when asked to speak to kids on bikes on the bowling green they didnt want to know.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Bowling Hut


Once again the Bowling hut has come under attack from vandals as they tried to smash the doors down this week. The window is broken and the door locks were also broken as they tried to force the door open. Today there was  tar on the windows. If anyone sees anything Dial 101 and report it straight away while there is still a park standing


It was raining in the park so we sheltered under the bowling hut you have to remember this is a £650,000 hut not a shed from the market. Look at the 4 photos put into one the windows have a big gap under them the wood is splitting like nothing on earth not just little cracks but big uns all over. It not been up that long next time you go take a close look the joins in the wood ar eigdy pigly a kid at school could make better joints. At this rate it will fall down in a short time. if it was a shed you would take it back for a refund. The reason the kids could shack the door is because the bolt hole is to sizes to big so it has lots of play in it. The good old bowlers left it open last night as they couldnt get the door shut Well Done lads


Monday, November 19, 2012

Buzzard in the Park


The bowling hut has had the window ledges put back on after kids had wrecked it it been a while but its all done now.



The bowling Hut as it was and the much talked about £500,000 new hut which people are complaining about as now you cant play bowls anymore originally you could hire woods very cheap to encourage new users but now its members only and people are saying its a lot of money for a few members



Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Cafe and Bowls Pavilion inside first pictures


The bowls hut building is finished and only the decorating and minor things left to do.


The first look inside shows the lockers and other minor things left to do and painting is under way so hopefully it should soon be open.



23-April 2011


The Bowls pavilion is now close to completion with the roof and the main structure now done. Even the windows are now in place

queenspark 039 


February 12th 2011



The Bowling green now has a chimney sticking up clad in sandstone



January 29th 2011

queenspark 011

The Bowling Green roof is way underway with scaffolding up and lots of work on the roof and the veranda can now be seen.


January 23rd 2011


queenspark 007

The roof is now going on and the green is looking good despite the bad weather


Friday, December 17, 2010

Queens Park  update

queenspark 015

The bowing green now has the metal structure in place but due to the weather and the time of year progress is slow

queenspark 019

The grass is in tip top conditions and very green considering the bad weather.



December 11the 2010



Getting any work done this week has been touch and go due to the freezing weather but the Bowls hut has had a crane there putting the steal work in and its starting to take shape slowly


November 27th

queenspark 003

The bowls pavilion is progressing slowly with the Sandstone being fitted. Most of the work is at the rear so far so you cant really see very much.



20th November 2010


The Bowls pavilion is also making progress with wooden beam going in just like the cafe so they are getting on with it well.


13th November

queenspark 008
The bowls pavilion has now got some of the sandstone brick work in place and starting to look something like at last.


Friday, November 5, 2010

November in the Queens Park

queenspark 015

The bowls pavilion is now progressing well and you can now see the basic structure in place


September 10th 2010

Finally the bowls hut walls are starting to grow and this was one of the hot topics at the meeting as to prevent the project going over budget the hut will not now have any shutters on the windows


September 4th 2010

The bowling hut is now getting underway again with the base concreted in


The Bowls hut is now back on track with the footings back in 28th August 2010

qp 017

Friday August 20th 2010


I wondered what was going on with the bowls hut I could have sworn the foundation had been put in but its all gone. It turns out they had made an error and been 1.3 meters out so they have had to start again

The Bowling green has the basic foundation now in see below 7 August 2010




Sunday, July 18, 2010



There has been a lot of work this week but not a lot to show for it as a lot has be prep work. Both the Bowls and the cafe foundations have been worked on but there isnt much to see just a bit of concrete


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Going Going Gone

qp 003

The bowling Green above and the cafe are the next things to be renovated. The Cafe has been fenced off ready and demolition will start Wednesday/Thursday this week. They will have to start work early and work late as they cant bring any lorries into the park during the day so they have to fetch everything in before 9 oclock



The work on the Bowling Green has started and its soon been knocked down all that is left is a pile of rubbish . The Bowling green is till open so people can still play


The cafe should have been knocked down this week but has been delayed as they had to check the roof for Bats before they could knock it down. Its hopped the work will start next week



The Bowling Green being put to full use today with lots of people taking part. It is due to be refurbished as part of the project

The bowling green from the main walk way with a match going on