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 March 4th 2010

The last of the footing for the Broad walk has now been done ready for the new bridge

Broadwalk Bridge  30th march 2010


The Island planting near Tipkinder is now complete and the gardeners will be moving onto the other Islands to prepare them for planting

The second section of the bridge is in and they are putting the decking on. The rest of the section are being put on hold until Tuesday as the strong winds are giving problems with the crane


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge


Its been a buzzy week at the Queens Park the island by the golf coarse has now been planted out ready for summer

The Broadwalk Bridge is all but finished above early in the week they were lowering the last parts into place and then came the job of putting down the actual rails.

A view of the bridge behind the daffs and spring color

By the end of the week the path to the bridge was well underway as you can see it was just a big hole on Monday. By Friday the bridge was but finished just minor things to be done to finish it off


Snow progress


Progress has been slow at the park this week due to snow, frost and rain. The stones for the top of the wall were due to be done but couldn't be done with it freezing. There has work been done on the Broadwalk as the template for the bridge is being framed ready for concrete.



Friday, December 25, 2009

Broad Walk


Work has started in earnest on Broadwalk the bridge concrete has been in for some time done by the old contractor. But now the work has started to get the bridge supports in ready for the bridges that are coming in Jan/Feb

As part of this a new path has been created so you can get down to Coronation Walk as you can see above this is designed so it can be used by disabled people. On the other side will be steps and flowers. The path is way underway and the mole machine has been drilling down for the footings.
Everything is scaled down for Xmas but we believe there will be a lot more on site in the new year and work will forge ahead at a great rate of knots


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Queens Park Bridges

Pictures of the massive Broadwalk Bridge one of the biggest bridges of its kind.

Below the bridge with daffs out


This site has put together the most complete record and pictures every gathered in one spot of the Queens Park Crewe with old pictures to the modern day Click on any picture on the site for a full screen picture



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Broadwalk Bridge


A massive crane was on site today to finish lifting the final part of the bridge into place

There had been problems last week when the crane refused to lift as the wind was to high but with today being a nice day all went well

The final piece goes in and the rails and cross member have now to be installed



Broadwalk Bridge  29th march 2010


The bridge over Broad walk was being put into place today but due to the size and complexity they were having trouble getting it to fit. They had to take it out and put it back a few times and by 3 o'clock they only had the first section in and it looks as if it will continue tomorrow.

The Daffs our now coming out along the main walk at a rapid pace

Lots of gardeners were out planting the island today as it needs to be done before any water is in the lake.


Broadwalk Bridge  Friday 26 March


As reported the other day they had trouble getting the giant steel support into and in the end it had to be done the next day. It was just down to a safety computer on the crane which wouldn't let it lift the steel as it was to windy.
However on Thursday the wind had dropped and the support was in place.

There is now some work to do on site welding the top supports onto the steel and as you can see in the above picture that is now going ahead the bridge its self which you can see in the background will be lifted into place on Monday as the men are working over the weekend to get everything ready

The metal supports for the end of the bridge were lifted into place. The work will then be completed by Thursday night when all the bridges will be fully installed. One of the Burma Bridges has yet to be lowered a few feet after the initial settling period. The contractor Tolent will then be leaving the site after Easter but its hoped they will get the Cafe contract so they can start work straight away

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Broadwalk Bridge


Work Started today trying to get the giant steel work in for the Broadwalk bridge which will be lifted into place on Thursday. They managed to get the base fixed with little problems. But then the giant crane hit a snag it has a computer control which measures the wind speed and it would not let them lift as the wind speed was to high. They needed to lift the massive steel supports very high over the trees in order to lower it into place but by 3 o'clock they still couldn't do it due to high wind speed. I have know doubt they lifted it in the end but we watch for several ours as they kept trying only to be defeated by the computer and weather. More reports tomorrow


Queens Park Grandest Bridge To Be Lifted Into Place


Picture the new massive steel structure on site on Friday ready for installation on Monday

Another milestone in the multi-million pound restoration of Crewe’s Queens Park takes place next week with the installation of its grandest bridge. Following this week’s positioning of the Burma Star Bridge, Thursday (March 25) will see the 40-metre Broadwalk bridge hoisted into place over the Coronation Walk dip.
The structure, which is six metres wide, will span the steep incline to improve access between the two halves of the park.
A giant crane will lift the arches in four separate pieces and install them on a huge steel central support.

The bridge beams are constructed of sustainable ekki hardwood, a longer-lasting timber which reduces the pressures of logging on the forests of the world. Self-preserving and with self-repairing properties, its timbers can only be machined as the wood is too tough to work with hand tools.

The new structure is the latest development in the Heritage Lottery-funded £6.5m restoration of the 45-acre park, which will eventually house five impressive bridges. Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for health and wellbeing, said: “The lifting into place of the Burma Star Bridge was a sight to behold and I am sure the Broadwalk installation will be just as spectacular.

“The new bridge will be a very impressive structure and will be particularly welcomed by people with pushchairs and wheelchair users, who will no longer be forced to negotiate the steep incline.




On Broadwalk the new footings for the bridge support is now in and the bridges shouldn't be to long now with the first on expected next week

October 2009


We were then shown Broad walk and the band stand. Most of the path is full of heavy  machinery and work has been done on the main bridge which will span the valley to Coronation Walk. The heavy wooden bridge will be supported by a large arch and this time it will be level with steps on one side and a disabled ramp on the other so people can get to Coronation Walk. It will all be replanted.


The big hill that lead down to the Coronation Walk and bird house. Taken 7/10/2008


The path down to the band stand and the bird houses has been removed but again new footings are in ready