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This site has put together the most complete record and pictures every gathered in one spot of the Queens Park Crewe with old pictures to the modern day Click on any picture on the site for a full screen picture



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Coronation Walk

The walk runs from the lake back to the foot of the main entrance. Designed in 1935 by Herbert Probert, it is a superb landscaped valley complete with an artificial stream, it holds many surprises. Thought at the time of construction it might possibly be named the Francis Webb Memorial Garden it was eventually called Coronation Walk in 1937.
Along the path a visit to the Aviary is a must. Originally built in 1937 through the efforts of Councillor Mrs Mossford Powell (incidentally, Mrs Mossford Powell lived at Coppenhall Hayes, on the spot where Station House now stands in Victoria Avenue). The first boathouse was being pulled down in 1937 so she donated money to enable it to be converted into the first Aviary.

A large stone that stands by the Aviary is the oldest piece of history in Crewe. It originates from the first glacial age and goes back some 500 million years. It is a piece of Aberdeen granite and was washed down in that period of time. It was discovered when the Foundations for part of the original Company Works was being excavated.
I hope this Heritage Walk around Queens Park has enabled everyone to appreciate many of the hidden charms of this superb Park. It has been said in the past and I don't mind repeating it,

"This Park is without doubt the Jewel in the Crown".

Above coronation walk from 1960's

Below is coronation walk but in the 1960 with the old greenhouse in the background and the oldest stone in Crewe inthe foreground. The stone was washed down from Scotland inn the ice age and is believed to be millions of years old

Coronation walk 1960's

Coronation walk once a rose covered walk to the bird houses taken 2009