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Friday, February 5, 2010

Tree Fellers at the Queens Park


The lake wall section by Burma island has now been built in a very short time and more wall building is going ahead this week

This week we have seen the tree fellers working in the park removing dead trees like the one on the island above which will be replanted in the near future. other trees in the park have been felled and pruned as needed.



  Weather delays new bridge January 6th 2010

The first new bridge should have arrived today but it had to be called off due to the weather. The park like the rest of Crewe is covered in snow and very slippery in places so it wasnt safe to work on the bridge. Its hopped it will be installed next week if the weather improves

The lake is frozen over but the ducks have found there own little pond and being fed by visitor

Another view of the frozen lake

March 4th 2010

A lot of work has been done this week on walls around the lake above is Burma Island wall almost completed and the bank wall leading to it from Tipkinder

Work on a new section of wall near the new bridge was well underway today and the top stones on the islands were going on. Planting of the islands is expect in the next couple of weeks subject to weather


All these pictures were taken about 2003

above the old boats in the greenhouse

 Park Lake 24-08-2003 001

Most of these are of the lake in one shape or another showing the trees and skyline .

 What do you think is it better now or then?

Park Lake 24-08-2003 002 Park Lake 24-08-2003 015 Park Lake 24-08-2003 016 Park Lake 24-08-2003 019  Park Lake 24-08-2003 021 Park Lake 24-08-2003 028 Park Lake 24-08-2003 029  Park Lake 24-08-2003 031 Park Lake 24-08-2003 032 Park Lake 24-08-2003 038 Park Lake 24-08-2003 039 Park Lake 24-08-2003 040 Park Lake 24-08-2003 041 Park Lake 24-08-2003 042 party on 079 party on 080 party on 081 party on 082 

Burma Island  bridge it will be a while before we

 see it like this nowparty on 084




This site has put together the most complete record and pictures every gathered in one spot of the Queens Park Crewe with old pictures to the modern day Click on any picture on the site for a full screen picture



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September 10th 2010


The fence around the lake has been replaced between the two bridges and the gardeners have been seeding the slope so it can be fully opened once the grass has grown. But it does mean you can now take some pictures of the lake



The metal fencing around the lake was being removed to day and replaced with a nylon barrier which means you can see the lake better and take pictures of it now. The bank has to be grassed over to make it safe and they should start that this week. Up near the band stand the bull dozers were hard at work getting the top areas straight again

queenspark 026 

queenspark 028

Lake still filling


As you can see the lake is still being filled at the rate of 4 hours a day. They cant fill it any more due to restriction of the Environment Agency as it would effect wildlife etc down stream. Its beginning to look good and the duck are still having a great time


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lake is being Filled


The sluice gates were closed today and the lake started to fill  after years of being empty. The duck thought it was their birthday as they all dived into the water as it flooded in. It will take some time to fill the lake up to two weeks as they can only fill it for 4 hours at a time as any longer than that and the stream across the golf coarse would dry up and could effect wildlife. Still it was a magnificent site to see the water final flowing into the lake. It will look so different with water in.

Did you know the lake holds 32,397 tons of water about 6,672,928 imperial gallons give or take a pint or two, its hard to get an exact figure as its not a flat surface but it does give a rough idea of the amount of water. More pictures as the lake fills soon




October 28th 2009 and work starts on the  island near the golf coarse

Queens park Lake

The Queens park Lake

An exceptional feature of the Park is the extensively landscaped man-made lake. The lake was created by the use of a dam on the west side of the River Waldron (Valley Brook) way back in 1883, flooding about five acres of land. As well as the creation of a dam, an area around the River Waldron to a depth of about five feet was dug out. Then by the method of "puddling" the clay, the bottom was made water-tight.

The picture of the Lake in 1947 note the Tipkinder slag

More pictures of the lake with the island in the centre

Lake with the bandstand top left

Lake the bottom end near golf coarse

Lake and boat house

Good Picture of the lake

The Queens Park lake with nice reflections

Diggers dredging the lake The diggers dredging the lake at the golf coarse en


Empty lake The main lake taken from the golf coarse taken 6/08/2008. Note the bridge has been removed in the background
Lake winter Lake by the golf coarse with the center island bare after all the bushes have been removed Taken 16/9/2008
Winter scene of Queens park lake Same picture as above but taken 16/11/2008 when the snow and ice was about


Queens park lake Queens park lake 10/7/2008 the lake is all fenced off and the digger is working on the far side


Queens Park lake The Queens Park Lake before it was drained taken 24-7-2007
Queens park Lake The Lake after its been drained but full of rain water taken near the Golf Coarse 7/7/