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More old Pictures of the Park this time Lake bridges

Once again thanks to Brian Stubbs for these pictures all taken about 2003 when the old bridges were in place

Park Lake 24-08-2003 017 Park Lake 24-08-2003 022 Park Lake 24-08-2003 023




This site has put together the most complete record and pictures every gathered in one spot of the Queens Park Crewe with old pictures to the modern day Click on any picture on the site for a full screen picture



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Bridges across the Queens Park lake

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Queens Park Bridges


All the bridges are now finished bar a few cosmetic fittings above the Burma Bridge from Morton Road

Coronation Bridge taken from out side the park with a Fugi s1500 Finpix with 12 optical

 zoom note the wall is now finished

Same bridge from the other side



Second Burma Bridge Arrives March 17th 2010


The second Burma Bridge arrived to day just one week after the last one This time a heavier crane was need to get the bridge into place

View of the new bridge from the far side of the lake (Morton rd end) so you can see what the two bridges now look like. Notice the wall around the lake which has been completed

The crane lifting the bridge into place. next week is the big week when the long awaited Broadwalk bridge comes. As its so big this will take 3 days starting Monday when the steel support will arrive and this will have to be welded on site. Its hoped to have the bridge in by Wednesday ready for the Friends meeting which is on Wednesday at 6 o'clock at the cafe everyone is invited to attend.
There is now like 2 weeks for the contractor on site and the job will be finished its hoped the same firm will get the contract for the new cafe as they are already on site and can start straight away.


Burma Island Bridge


More pictures of yesterdays bridge which is now full installed. Above the bridge from the lake Tipkinder end

The new bridge from across the lake Morton road end taken with a Fugi S1500 12X Zoom

The bridge taken from the Gold Coarse with the island in the foreground which is being renovated you can see that its being heightened a lot to match other Islands


Burma Island Bridge


More pictures of yesterdays bridge which is now full installed. Above the bridge from the lake Tipkinder end

The new bridge from across the lake Morton road end taken with a Fugi S1500 12X Zoom

The bridge taken from the Gold Coarse with the island in the foreground which is being renovated you can see that its being heightened a lot to match other Islands


Burma Star Bridge Spectacularly Lifted into Place


The Burma Star Bridge – the second largest landmark bridge in Crewe’s Queens Park – was hoisted into place on Wednesday (March 17)
From 11am onwards, A 300 tonne crane lifted the 22.5 tonne bridge into place.
The Burma Star Bridge – named so after the Second World War Campaign in the Burma jungles – will arch over the Burma Star Island and Memorial, which is also undergoing renovation.
It’s all part of a £6.5m restoration of the park, thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund. Eventually, the 45-acre park will house five impressive bridges.
Councillor Andrew Knowles, Cabinet member with responsibility for parks, said the special occasion was close to his heart.
His uncle, James Knowles, who served as a Chindit during the Burma campaign, died in 1944 aged just 20 years-old. To this day, Andrew has kept a medal he won as a keepsake.
He added: “This will be an important part of Crewe’s history when this bridge finally settles into place.
“This incredible Victorian park is slowly being brought back to its former glory thanks to Cheshire East Council and its funding partners, as well as all the help and support from members of the public who have been extremely patient during renovations.”
The Burma Star Bridge is a tribute to the Burma Star Association who refer to themselves as the “Forgotten Regiment”.
The Burma Star Association was officially founded on the 26 February 1951, with 2000 founder members who exist to promote the comradeship experienced during the bitter fighting in the jungles of Burma, as well as help members and their families in times of ill-health and poverty.
The Association has representatives from the Royal Navy, Army Royal Air Force and Royal British Legion on the National Council.

The bridge being lifted with the steel work. Most of the work was done by 3pm but the second part of the bridge hadn't arrived at that time

What the bridge will look like when the lake is filled


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Second Bridge arrives at Queens Park


The second bridge arrived at the park today. It taken all week to lay over 800 tons of hardcore in order to get the crane and bridge on site with over 300 tons just for the crane. Its not the biggest bridge but as it has steep paths to it there was difficulty getting a massive lorry and crane down to the site.

It started at about 11 o'clock when the steel work came first and was lifted into place as we all held our breath. As it was built off site and the tolerance was in millimeters would it fit? Well it was perfect right down to the bolt holes. The steel had struts on it so two parts could be lifted at once. It took to about 1:30 to bolt the steel in place.

The bridge then came on site being reversed down a steep hill on a big lorry this was a good bit of driving on the drivers part with only inches to spare. The bridge was split into two parts and lifted into place with no problems. It gives a good idea of what the new bridges will look like when its all finished. The next bridges for Burma Island are expected about 17th March

The steel structure in place waiting fro the bridge

The bridge arrives on the lorry ready to be lifted

The first section being lifted into place

The second section is lowered spot on

The bridge complete with just some boards to go on it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Bridge back in the Queens Park


At 10 o'clock today the new sluice bridge was on the back of a lorry from Huddersfield waiting to be list into position at the Tipkinder end of the lake. It took some time to get the crane right but at 1 o'clock the list began

The crane lifted the bridge over our heads and swung it around into position.

We were all surprised at the size of the bridge as it seemed a lot bigger than we had thought

By 1:30 it was in place and the finally fixing was being done

This was the first of the bridges which should have come in December but due to the snow and ice had to be put back. As a result of that they now intend to get the next 3 bridges in in the next few weeks and they will be trying to do the three at once. Today's bridge is the small one so getting the other on site and in place should be a spectacular show.

It was noticeable today that work was progressing at an alarming rate with work men everywhere, Burma island stone work had none at the front last week but yesterday they had the bottom layer in and today the next layer was going on. Watch this page as we will be reporting weekly as things happen


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Queens Park Bridges

Queens Park Crewe lake wall construction


The lake wall showing how the wall will be constructed first with stones in a metal basket

and then the wall is built over it as above. this shot taken from the road with a Fugi s1500 camera

Not all the lake edge will be like this some will be a natural slope


Work on the bridges bases are progressing well at the beginning of the week the

 base that was concreted last week had gone off as above

They are now putting the final layer shuttering in so the base can be finished this is

the bases on the main side of the park

The shuttering is also underway on the far side of Burma Island its hoped this will all be done by next week.

 The small bridge by Tipkinder is already done and the one by the fish pool has had to be redone but should

 be finished by next week


November 28th 2009


Work on the base for the bridge by Burma island  has gone ahead this week with concrete arriving on site mid

week with the wood templates in place ready for it

By Friday the wood has gone and the new concrete is in place


The bridge

Good Picture of the lake

and Bridge


The old bridge across the lake at the turn of the century Original wooden bridge over the lake.
was erected. Four bridges, originally wooden, and surrounding paths make a popular walking circuit around the lake. After the culverin of Valley Brook, which ie cuivemng or valley BrooK, was improved the quality of the water, swimming was permitted. By the West island the water area was deepened to ten feet and a diving board and chang-ing huts were provided which were eventually removed

The old bridge across the lake June 1988


The park in its infancy 1906

manin bridge

The main bridge across the lake

Down by the lake and Burma Island close up

The footing for the new bridge to Burma island already to go just awaiting the bridge

The old bridge just past the cafe again the footing are in ready to go

The bridge to Burma Island has been removed but the footings for the new bridge are in ready