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CCTV is now installed.

The new CCTV is now installed at the Skate park with 3 very high cameras which cover all the area which includes the SK8 park and the new BMX track. Its hoped that the vandals will now have no were to hide and if they cause trouble they will be caught on camera which means the Police will have evidence to take them to court. Lets hope this now makes the site safe for everyone. One unique feature is that the control room can talk to people they see and warn them to stop what there doing.


Alsager to get a new SK8 park We are waiting for further details but if you SK8 In Alsager get in touch with us so you can have input into the design of the park. You will have the opportunity to make changes and help with the design so get in touch now.
 The full plans are now in on the news page and you can see the enlarged view Here

I work with Alistair Cook and Sue Griffiths on the proposed redevelopment of Milton park Alsager.

Next week (12th March- 26th) there will be a display in the library for the general public to consider the location and streetstyle design of the skatepark.

This will be followed up with a skate specific consultation. We are struggling to identify the young people who skate in Alsager - has anyone contacted you through your website.

Another avenue of publicity might be to reach them through the place they buy their equipment.

Do you know where the closest skate shops are?

Come on skaters lets have some action the park is for you if you don't help with the plans you will end up with something you don't want and it will be your own fault so get in contact and get your thoughts heard by the people building the park. It will be no good moaning its crap if you don't turn up and have your say.

Graffiti artist wanted.

Dane Bank college were going to put some graffiti on the park for us but have failed to deliver if you can do decant graffiti and want to show off your work let me know and we can get it done. We want good stuff not FRED was ere. 

Problems with Chavs see the news page

 The CAT Team are on the case

The Crewe Neighbourhood Policing Unit (NPU) telephone number should be used to leave messages for your Community Policing Team or Community Officer.  This may concern ongoing community problems, community information or simply requests for an officer to contact you.  Please note this is an answer-phone facility – if you leave a message we guarantee to return your call within 48 hours.

We need evidence report everything with times details descriptions you can contact the Police here and let me know as well so we can get some action. Dont let these Chavs frighten people away. Put the number into your phone

Call 0845 458 6370  for the CAT Team


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Flood Lighting

Flood Lighting is needed at the park as it makes the park unusable in the winter nights and we need CCTV to stop the problems with yobs  Email the deputy mayor and tell him we need the lights

Councillor Maurice Jones (Labour)

Deputy Mayor of Crewe and Nantwich 2006/07 has supported the park from day 1 and has been down to see for himself how the park is going so he is in a position to go back to the council and get the lights he needs emails to show there is a need for the lights and CCTV

The new Skate Park at Crewe in Cheshire called Platform 1 part of the new extreme sports centre at Tipkinder. Opened on the 22nd Sept 2006 by the deputy Mayor. It was built by County Landscape Development covering 1000sq meters.  Its FREE with toilets a few yards away in Crewe's Queens Park. There is a Total garage 30 yards away which provides sandwiches, drinks, pies etc. Leighton Hospital is about a mile away with a full A&E. There is car parking on site.

The council have announced the new BMX park will be starting in the next few weeks and it right next to the Skate Park .

The grand opening Skate Jam is on the 29th October. So far we have  had confirmations from Death, DVS and Casual (also Vans, Karma are hopefully coming).  We have Document and Sidewalk covering it. We are still looking for more teams/skaters for the 29th so get in touch. Skate companies you can have a stall and sell your good contact us for details. In case of injury Leighton Hospital is only a mile away

For full directions go here


ben grove

19th September  Ben Grove (above) and Document Skateboarding magazine visit the park the park and give it the thumbs up. It is on their website and hopefully the park will be in the mag this month

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