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Dec 23rd 2007 Both the SK8 Park and the BMX Track now have flood lights.

Alsager SK8 Park is now skate able anyone with any pics please let me have them


Final Plans for Alsager SK8 park click on the picture for full size

Nov 1 2007

The contractor CLD who built the Crewe Skate Park is setting up tomorrow and will be starting construction work on Monday. There is to be a press release and photo call with some local skaters next week. The project is a Design and Build so the layout is currently being finalised so I will forward you the agreed drawings early next week.

CLD have done the half pipe and change the radius from 750 to 900 which we hope will improve the use of the pipe

The BMX Track is now open and ready for use

New BMX track Tipkinder

Chavs burn the Skate park

Every night for 2 weeks the chavs have been having fires in the bowl and they have now moved on to wrecking the fence and signs with trees taken from round about. If this continues the park will be fit for nothing if you know or see anything call the Police and send us the names



An artist impression of the park

The youth Shelter


Problems with Chavs the wardens are on the case contact them if you have any problems.

The wardens are now saying that they cant find any evidence of problems and have spoke to skaters. Every skater I have spoke to says they have never seen the Wardens or Police.

We need evidence report everything with times details descriptions you can contact the Police here and let me know as well so we can get some action. Dont let these Chavs frighten people away.

I am now clear that there is an urgent need to gather intelligence to
substantiate allegations of misuse of the facility at the skate park. I
can testify that my wardens have already spent several weeks visiting
the area talking to skaters and have not yet been able to establish any
problems. The police have also visited the area and have not been able
to establish any trouble makers or wrong doing.

Dear Mr Wright,

The Community Wardens have been in close consultation with Mr Keith Pickton regarding the issues that you have raised on the skate park on Victoria Avenue, Crewe. Due to the nature and severity of the complaints the Wardens are currently conducting a intense high visibility patrol in and around the skate park. I have also informed the Community Action Team and the Anti Social Behaviour Coordinator of the issues in the area for their action.

Please be assured that the Wardens will be addressing the problem as a high priority and will aim to ensure that the skate park is a safe, secure and pleasant area for all to use.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the issue further please do not hesitate in contacting me on the telephone number below.


Senior Community Warden

Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council

Telephone 01270 254474


Thursday 2nd Nov

Sidewalk magazine came down and took loads of pictures for next months magazine. So don't forget to get the magazine next month

In the mean time Barron has a new hair colour

New plans unveiled for the BMX Track

Its here the new plans for the BMX Park which is right next to the Skate Park and part of the extreme sports complex. The work will start in the near future and like the skaters the BMX will have chance to tweak the design.

Note the flood lights for the Skate Park and the BMX are awaiting funding but the council is pushing hard as its a safety issue so its hoped to have them soon. Its such a shame that we have a new skate park open just before the clocks change and it will be unusable at night when the kids are back from school.

Click on the picture to see it full size









Work has started on the BMX track with trees felled and a new footpath in already.