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Tipkinder Meeting


We had a meeting on Friday with Mike Taylor, Crewe Mayor Dorothy Flude, Elaine Dodd and Cllr Andrew Knowles and Crewe Blog at Tipkinder to promote the site and get improvements done.

Everyone was surprised by the area and the potential it has situated so near the the Queens Park. So many people go the Queens Park and don't even know the walk if a few feet away.

Everyone agreed that the site wanted promoting and there was work to be done in the area and it should start straight away.
The paths will be cleared and the rubbish removed as soon as possible and the trees made safe. It was a timely meeting as the next day a massive tree collapsed in the area I am sure that will be dealt with ASAP.

The long term plans depend on several issues like funding and consulting with all interested parties like local residents. Its not a simple matter to manage the area as new trees want planting, old trees felled or pruned and new plants to encourage wild life into the area.

Its hoped the Countryside Rangers can be appointed to look after the site as they can do weekly inspection advise members of the public etc.
The car park which is used when going to the Queens Park will be revamped and traffic lights installed to make it safer for children to cross the road.
More details of the meeting are over on Crewe Blog

What Tipkinder Could be like

Firstly good news Andrew Knowles has taken a great interest in the project and is meeting with us at Tipkinder this week to see for himself what can be done also Dorothy Flude is taking a great interest in the project so its all good news. Andrew is attending the area on Friday so if you have an interest in the area and wish to express your views of Tipkinder email me ASAP and we can arrange for your input

To get an idea of what could be done I walked over the road from Tipkinder down over the golf coarse to the other woodland area that goes down as far as the Rising Sun. It does show what can be achieved. The first thing that hits you is people have dumped rubbish in the stream spoiling it for everyone (another job for Caroline) but you all ways get that.

They have even got a map of the area showing points of interest and wild life so you know what to look for.

Its well managed with proper paths and even seats for people to have a sit down

Like Tipkinder it follows the stream and is a lovely walk with new bridges with a woodland area and several paths going off in all directions

It hits the right balance of being well kept and walk able but keeping the right balance with wild life and nature. So with this path you could start at the Rising Sun and walk all the way to town via Tipkinder and Valley Park barley touching a street.

If you haven't walk this area I suggest you take a look as you are missing out on a real treat. Lets hope we can get Tipkinder up to the same standard. Why isn't Crewe publicizing this its a great asset and deserves more publicity


Tipkinder Woodland Walk Anyone seen the tree fella?

Anyone seen the tree fella?

Take a look at the picture of the Tipkinder woodland walk then scroll down to the picture taken a week ago notice anything? You will see that Caroline has got the big whip out and got the Grounds Maintenance out rapidly and they have felled 3 dead poplars along the path towards the car park end.

We have been highlighting the Tipkinder area along with Crewe Blog who has a video of the area on the blog. We have asked Cllrs Roy Cartlidge, Dorothy Flude, Andrew Knowles, Brian Silvester to help improve the area.

What’s needed Short term for this summer?
1 The main path cleared of nettles and brambles and kept that way.
2 Rubbish removed from the river
3 Any dead and dangerous trees made safe.
4 Signs and publicity to show people what they are missing

Caroline Yoxall Cleansing Supervisor Cheshire East Council and the Probation Service have moved quickly and the Probation Service is to clear the paths and remove the rubbish from the river, and Caroline has got the council to inspect the trees. So there is progress already.

Both Groundwork Cheshire and the local Valley Brook Residents Association (the “river” in the pictures is called Valley Brook locally) had drawn up plans for possible footpath and other improvements adjacent to the riverside including removal of overgrown areas and more appropriate tree and shrub planting schemes. Unfortunately in lieu of being able to identify the necessary funding, these plans have never to date been implemented.

What’s needed Long Term?
1 The path by the stream cleared so it’s usable and strengthen the bank.
2 Other paths in the area cleared.
3 Seats not fancy seats but suitable for the area ie posts in the ground and rustic tops
4 Steps for steep area for disabled
5 Proper paths made of gravel like the have done the other side of the golf coarse were there is a nature trail.
6 Better planting in keeping with the area to make it a spectacular walk.
7 Rustic tables for a picnic area
8 Other suggestions for the bottom field to fit in with the BMX and SK8 parks.
9 The big one connect Tipkinder to Queens Park via a bridge as its not safe crossing the road this would in effect extend the park.

Funding anyone got any money?

How much will all this cost? Well not very much most of it is down to man power in any shape or form ie Probation Services, Volunteers, Unemployed Schemes, Council workers. Really that’s all that’s needed for most of it the only cost would be planting of new shrubs and gravel for the paths. I bet places like Bridgemere Garden Center would cough up the plants if they get an advert?

There is the big answer Reaseheath College I used to be a head gardener at a 32 acre site with woods and the college who have 1,000 of student studying trees, country side, propagation etc jumped at the chance to get their student down to learn in a real work environment and they have all the expertise to do a fantastic job maybe for free? I mentioned this and the old H&S came into the conversation well as the college is one of the top in the UK they know more about H&S than most.

While they are at Tipkinder why don’t they get involved in the Queens Park designing new beds, tree management etc lets get the job done? It cost nowt to ask them and the publicity for all is just what is needed for the promotion of the area.

The Tipkinder Project could bring people in for miles around and be used for schools etc so who will take ownership of this project and run with it Who will make it happen?

The path stops at the Old Bridge near the park

The path by the river which is blocked at the moment just needs clearing but its a lovely walk



I spent the morning with Caroline Yoxall Cleansing Supervisor
Cheshire East Council and Bill Scragg From the Community Payback scheme(Probation Service) to go all over Tipkinder woodland walk. We looked at the rubbish in the stream, overgrown paths and dead trees.

Bill is going to get his team over and clear the paths of nettles and remove the rubbish from the stream which is difficult because its all in the water. If people had just dumped the rubbish on the road it could be removed in 5 mins as it is its a big job fishing it out of the stream. Thats in the short term in the long term they will try and clear the path along the stream and put some seats for people to enjoy the area.

Caroline is going to get the trees we identified as dead checked out ASAP as they may be a danger and have to be felled. Being very big some of the trees could crash across the steam and hit house on the other side. She will remove all the rubbish on the banks etc. We were looking to promote the area as its a lovely walk in the trees by the stream and lots of people just dont know its there. It has lots of wildlife for people to enjoy and there are a few hidden walks all around the area we even found the secret BMX track, no not the main one by the skate park a secret one in the woods.

The walk can be accessed from Colins ST over the bridge in the picture or from the Queens park car park or from the BMX track go and take a look its very nice

Sunday, 26 April 2009
Tipkinder Woodland Walk

There is a lovely woodland walk at the back of Tipkinder BMX track which goes from Collins St to the Queens Park. Its a public walk but for years the council havent maintained the walk and the paths have nettles all along the path. In a week or two the path will be dangerous to walk as brambles come across the path. If thats not enough there are a lot of trees that are dead and may fall on the publics head, one fell across the path last year. When the trees fall the kids use them to set fires or use them as a battering ram.

There is actually a second path by the side of the steam which comes out by the park but is un passable at the moment due to rubbish. It seams as though this could be an ideal project for Community Payback With this local criminal work for the community clearing paths etc. We have asked Cllrs Brian Silvester and Andrew Knowles if this walk can be made safe and usable this summer.

The other problem as you can see in the photo above is rubbish, a few weeks ago in our clean Crewe campaign we reported rubbish in the area which was removed by the council but since then someone has emptied half a house into the stream and the whole stream needs the trolleys and rubbish removing.